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KMEDZ on a genesis of becoming a new world star from our own backyard

Written by Miss Quotes

JamWeekly Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing US-based Recording Artist, KMEDZ, whose legal name is Kimberly Francis. She’s an Executive Producer, Publisher, Editor and Songwriter, who is amazingly gorgeous with a structure that seduces any camera. Behind the scenes, KMEDZ is a busy bee, going to school to finish her media degree while working on a new EP, “Str8 Bangaz”, with a single with ZFEN Productions & GCN from Nigeria. She stated that she is “doing showcases for the rest of the year around New York City and putting the final touches to a couple of singles and magazine features for the upcoming year 2024." It’s easy to recognize that KMEDZ is an outstanding female artist that credits her successes,

acknowledging that she’s 100% behind all her projects because she is not making music for herself; she understands the influences and responsibilities she will have on her fans and the younger generations. The Soca single “Soca Wine”, produced by Still Yet Productions, shows her versatility on how unique the KMEDZ sound really is. Most of her music is in-housed and distributed by her record label Iland Medz Entertainment LLC. Her single titled "Bye Bye” on her latest EP “Exclusive” was produced by Sny Kang from Supersonyc and distributed on April 28, 2021. She relayed to us that her video for “Bye Bye” is going to be released December 2023, and will be shot by videographer Lenny from Eagles Eye Media. The song emphasizes on women empowering themselves from men or situations that no longer serve them. If you are a reader of JamWeekly Magazine, we implore you to follow KMEDZ on her journey as she makes her debut within the American Hip-Hop & Rap scene. To potential listeners and bulk of new subscribers, it is plausible to note that you will be left out on KMEDZ’s unique journey and sound if you haven’t listened to her music as yet. KMEDZ’s target audience is worldwide but she’s “mostly targeting the Americas, Africa, UK and Japan." It’s great having role models but let us all spread our wings and subscribe to KMEDZ on all social media platforms via @kmedz_exclusive and her music on all streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.

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